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Vin Diesel shirtless with a leopard

Vin Diesel shirtless Wouldn’t you rather see him with a leopard than a cougar? Vin Diesel shared a shirtless snap with his Facebook fans on Wednesday from his Prestige magazine cover photo shoot. The 45-year-old Fast and Furious star wrote: ‘The shoot for this summer’s PRESTIGE magazine cover, was one of the craziest photo shoots I have ever done.  After the big cat escaped… the four handlers secured the full grown Leopard, and then, gave me the leash.” He added: “P.S. It must be an Animal thing.” Wow… looking good! Larger shot after the jump! [gallery]

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Christopher Plummer well-endowed in vintage Natalie Wood home video

  Want to know why Maria left a life of celibacy in the convent, only to fall for Captain Von Trapp’s charms? Because Christopher Plummer, who played the role in the 1959 musical, IS HUNG HUNG HUNG!!! julie andrews the sound of music In a scene from a silent home video (provided by Roddy McDowall) showing golden era celebs Sal Mineo, Natalie Wood, Juliet Mills at play in the Malibu sun, Christopher Plummer is briefly seen packing major heat in a bikini. Forget all of that did somebody murder Natalie Wood brouhaha… the only thing that looks like it could cause some bruising is that kickstand Christopher Plummer can barely hold back! Photo and video after the jump! christopher plummer hung well-endowed actor Click to enlarge: [gallery]

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Houston Texans football player Connor Barwin shirtless bear photo

connor barwin shirtless And speaking of hot football players from the Houston Texans, I found this old Instagram photo of 26-year-old NFL hipster Connor Barwin shirtless - and bringing the hipster irony while posing with a bear. Gotta love those hipsters. Especially the hot muscle bear-ish shirtless ones. Not the skinny ones that rock jorts. See how much better it looks on a football player instead of the hipsters of the 100-pound soaking variety? Evidence below: connor barwin shirtless arms HOT!!! My one goal in life is to one day have him mistake my tongue for a stick of deodorant. [gallery] Follow Connor Barwin on Twitter here. (via)

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Boyzone singer Ronan Keating naked and farting in ‘Goddess’

ronan keating goddess You want to know what stinks worse than Ronan Keating passing gas? His upcoming movie Goddess, which hits theaters March 14 (Australia). In the trailer for the rom-com, he shows off his ass whilst cooking in an apron (just like dad used to do, right?). The 35-year-old Boyzone boy band singer turned X Factor (Australia) judge plays the husband to a bored housewife (actress Laura Michelle Kelly) who becomes a vlogging star after taking to the Internet where she cooks, cleans and sings like Snow White when her husband’s away. The sappy flick is supported heavily by an ensemble of awful puns. Here’s the synopsis:

Elspeth Dickens dreams of finding her “voice” despite being stuck in an isolated farmhouse with her twin toddlers. A web-cam becomes her pathway to fame and fortune, but at a price.
NSFW after the jump! [gallery] I hate to break it to you, but the flash of bum crack lasts merely seconds, but the memory of this trailer will haunt you forever. Advance to 2:19 for the ass shot. Purportedly, there’s more ass action in the actual film. Listen to Ronan Keating’s Notting Hill soundtrack hit Nothing at All:
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Naked Skydive For Rhinos

skydive naked Life’s a Beach host Chris completed a nude skydive to raise awareness about rhino life endangerment in the web series. Here’s a description from the video:

“Chris’s crazy streak meets his inner eco-warrior in a naked skydive to raise awareness about Africa’s rhino poaching crisis! But before the big leap from 12,000ft, Chris visits a wildlife reserve that’s experienced the devastating effects of poaching firsthand.”
Watch the viral video and see caps of his pubes, shirtless bod and butt after the jump! [gallery]
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Houston Texans football player JJ Watt shirtless, VPL

jj watts shirtless Meet Houston Texans football player JJ Watt. He’s big (looks good shirtless), beefy and hates to wear supportive cups, and prefers letting it all hang. He recently played against the Patriots on Saturday. Want to see what he’s working with? CLICK HERE.  

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'Grimm' actor David Giuntoli shirtless striptease in a thong on MTV 'Road Rules South Pacific'

david giuntolii shirtless stripping mtv road rulesGrimm actor David Giuntoli once did a sexy striptease when he was on MTV's Road Rules South Pacific . The 32-year-old went shirtless and wore a thong for the challenge as a 22-year-old on the reality series - an you can watch the video after the jump! david giuntoli shirtless stripping mtv road rules Watch the clip below:

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X Factor’s Drew Chadwick of Emblem 3 shirtless!

shirtless emblem 3 Check out these shirtless photos of X Factor's eye candy group Emblem 3's Drew Chadwick. As one third of the California boy group, the 19-year-old showed off his guns and pecs and abs as much as possible until their four-place finish at the end of season two. Let's hope we see more this one! shirtless emblem 3 More snaps after the jump! [gallery] Watch a clip of Emblem 3 performing on X Factor below:

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Conan O’Brien and Ricky Gervais take a bubble bath together (video)

conan o'brien shirtless and ricky gervais Conan O’Brien and Ricky Gervais went shirtless, stripped down to their underwear and took a bath together on Conan Wednesday. You now only have two wishes left. Watch the clip below:

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'Bachelor' Sean Lowe shirtless in a towel

shirtless sean lowe The Bachelor season 17 star Sean Lowe shows some THIGH, BREASTS, and if you look closely, some giblets, in a shirtless photo shoot for InTouch magazine, on newsstands now.  By far, Sean’s the hottest Bachelor contest of all time. Judging by the promos, there should be plenty of more skin to come this season. [gallery] Here’s the promo for the latest season of The Bachelor:

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