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Well-endowed rapper Dappy will go commando, boasts that he’s ‘built like a tripod’

Rapper Dappy of UK hip-pop group N Dubz (seen at left) couldn’t shy away from questions about his impressive manhood when he posed for photos at the MOBO Awards 2011 nominations launch in London yesterday.

The 24-year-old boasted that he would need to wear a “damn long kilt” when he takes to the stage in Scotland next month because he plans to go commando.

He told reporters: “It’s gonna have to be a damn long kilt, man, because I ain’t wearing nuffink underneath. I need to protect my modesty, d’you know what I mean?”

And judging by his nudies snaps leaked by a groupie who was impressed that ’he’s built like a tripod’ is certainly right!

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